Photos of MPC and AMAST 2010

Links to photos from the participants
A sample of the photos from the participants

The hotel

Front of the hotel (source: Julien Tesson)

Back of the hotel (source: Julien Tesson)

Dinner at revolving restaurant in Québec City

Dishes (source: Julien Tesson)

People at the restaurant (source: Veronique Briard)

Plaque given to Roland Backhouse to commemorate
10 MPC conferences

Speech from Jeremy Gibbons (source: Veronique Briard)

Roland Backhouse (source: Veronique Briard)

Visit of Québec City

Overview of the city (source: Stephan Merz)

The Petit Champlain (source: Julien Tesson)

Church at Petit Champlain (source: Stephan Merz)

The Capitole (source: Julien Tesson)

Visit of a first nation's traditional site (Wendake)

Canoeing on the river (source: Stephan Merz)

Sharing a peace pipe with the Hurons (source: Julien Tesson)

Dinner on the traditional site (source: Julien Tesson)